Our Mission

Our Purpose

These are uncertain times, filled with rapid changes that can shake our future and our faith. If you have ever longed for a simpler time when there was hope in something greater, come join us at Ward's Grove Baptist Church. Here we look past today's bad news, return to simple values and work toward a brighter future that can be found in a personal relationship with God's Son, Jesus Christ.

Our Hope

Click here to find hope in Jesus Christ!

Our Ministries 

     We have Sunday School Bible study classes for all ages; Sunday morning and evening worship services; sermons straight from God's Word that are relevant for today's living; mid-week prayer time and topical Bible study; Easter Celebration, Vacation Bible School, "Falloween Jesus" Fall Fest, and Happy Birthday Party for Jesus for children; youth activities; Baptist Men and Women's Missionary Union (WMU) missions education and ministry; support of missions through the Cooperative Program of the Southern Baptist Convention; annual revival and homecoming services; food pantry ministry; and nursery for babies and toddlers.

     Below you will find monthly printable Scripture art, courtesy of LifeWay's Home Life magazine, to print and display; our weekly Sunday church bulletin; and our monthly Sunday School newsletter.

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Our Prayer Requests & Praises

     Our prayer list is updated weekly during our Wednesday night prayer time and requests are printed in our Sunday church bulletin.  Please contact Lorri Skelton to add or remove requests in the bulletin, or contact Nancy Blurton to have requests emailed to church members for prayer. 

Current requests:

Our families & marriages

Our military

Our church & sister churches

Our country & world

Our schools & students

Our local governments

Our leaders

The lost

Homebound & caregivers

Unspoken requests

Jabez Ministries (Appalachian missions)


Prodigals & their parents

Loved ones with mental illness

Loved ones with addictions

Kim P. - cancer

Sheila M. - guidance

Bro. Bob E. - health

Peggy B. - health

Alice U. - health

Jane W. - health; pneumonia

The Fore's grandchildren

Jerry E. - health

Kenny F. - health

Parker - 20 month old in need of kidney transplant

Linda M. - recovery from hip replacement

Richard & Helen P. - health

Jayna M. - Chrohn's Disease

Jennie F.'s friend in Arkansas

Jean O. - health

Onita D. - health

Van P. - cancer

Sandy M. - recovery from accident injuries

Bro. Danny R. - recovery from heart stent surgery

Michael & Hillary M. - missions in Mongolia

Linda V. - Huntington disease

Randy M. - recovery from cancer surgery

Jennie F. - recovery from cataract surgery

Wilma J. - congestive heart failure

Ronnie W. - melanoma of the eye

Hurricane, wildfire and earthquake victims

Gerald P. - health

Luther C. - health

Family of Bro. Ronnie W.